Framing Information


In the Holch Gallery on Nantucket we always have many framed prints on display and we ship them to customers around the world, or we can frame your print the way you wish. Below are some of the frame styles we use and approximate prices and shipping costs. Feel free to call Eric (508-246-7653) and discuss framing choices. It usually takes about 2 weeks to frame (longer in the summer) and another week for UPS shipping. Framed prints are not returnable.

Large burled wood #8702
Narrow burled wood #8711

Natural maple #6025
Whitewashed ash #6026

Large silver/gold #6136
Medium silver/gold #6135

Larsen: Navy Blue #140640
Larsen: White #140653
Larsen: White (wider) #372286

Roma: Whitewash #10761048
VT Maple:Whitewash #301MW
VT Ash: Whitewash #302AW

Need to get an idea of what a finished, framed print will look like? Below are prints photographed in the Holch Gallery.