Prints for Resale

Resale PrintsSince Eric Holch’s prints are limited editions, they do sell out. At that point they enter the Secondary Market. Their value is driven by the market, so they may sell for more, or less, than the prices listed on this website. Click here to go to Prices.

Many of these Sold Out Editions, and others, are available by buying directly from their owners who are moving, downsizing or redecorating. Holch is happy to list these “Re-sale Prints”, but cannot vouch for their condition. Normally, however, if Holch prints are properly framed with conservation mats, etc., they should be in good condition. Be sure to get that information before buying.

Listings cost $55, send check and required info to Eric Holch.

If you are interested in any of these prints, please contact their owners directly.

Print Title Number Seller Phone # E-mail
Bay Window 135/300 Chris Leary 212-515-7677
Beach House 169/300 Chris Leary 212-515-7677
Brant Point Sentinel 27/70 A. Breed
Cliffside 213/325 Buzz Carmichael 859-619-1919
Coral Cottage 14/300 Gail Aronow 914-441-1640
Edgartown - SOLD Low #     SOLD
Flower Baskets ? Marcia Schoeller 203-532-0525
Flower Baskets 52/300 Chris Leary 212-515-7677
Greenhouse in Bloom 136/295 Chris Leary 212-515-7677
Greenhouse in Bloom 129/295 A. Breed
Harbor Point Low # Pat Leahy 828-299-9232
Harbor Point Gathman's Gallery 616-526-5301
Harbor Point 126/295 Virginia Moss 860-674-9152 Fax: 860-674-9162
Harbor Point 112/295 Chris Leary 212-515-7677
Harbor View 221/300 Buzz Carmichael 859-619-1919
Harbor View 119/300 Chris Leary 212-515-7677
High and Dry 24/300 Craig Spery
Lazy Afternoon 213/275 Chris Leary 212-515-7677
Morning Breeze 53/300 Buzz Carmichael 859-619-1919
Morning Glory Cafe 125/300 Robin King 857-544-6120
Morning Glory Cafe 184/250 Charles Zoubek 203-862-2108
Morning Glory Cafe 166/250 166/250 631-331-9049
Morning Glory Cafe 206/250 Matt Cone 203-310-6016
Morning Glory Cafe 151/250 Peter McDaniel
Morning Glory CafeSOLD 6/250 Pat Leahy 828-299-9232
Morning Glory Cafe 26/300 Virginia Moss 860-674-9152
Morning Glory Cafe ? David Powers 301-299-7960 Fax:310-469-0115
Nature Center Greenhouse 28/325 Chris Leary 212-515-7677
New Syrup Buckets Low # Pat Leahy 828-299-9232
Rooftops 149/325 Lis Lockhart
Rooftops Low # Pat Leahy 828-299-9232
Rooftops 185/325 Virginia Moss 860-674-9152
Side Door 119/295 Buzz Carmichael 859-619-1919
Summer Canvas 168/300 Lis Lockhart
Summer Canvas 160/300 Gisela Marks 715-571-2958
Summer Canvas 219/300 Betty Mitchell
Summer Porch 57/110 Chris Leary 212-515-7677
Summer Porch 65/110 Sandra Miles 508-228-2233
Summer Solstice 139/150 (2nd edition) Chris Leary 212-515-7677
Summer Solstice 30/150 (2nd Edition) A. Breed
Summer Solstice 88/150 Christine Sherril Contact Eric Holch for address
Summer Solstice 106/150 Mark Glovsky 978-281-6262
Upstairs/Downstiars 294/295 Gisela Marks 715-571-2958
Upstairs/Downstiars 52/295 Chris Leary 212-515-7677
Upstairs/Downstairs 130/295 Gail Aronow 914-441-1640
Upstairs/Downstairs 196/295 Pam Keefer
Upstairs/Downstairs 274/295 Randy Jesse 715-842-3693
Wharves at Dawn-reframed 27/105 Jordan Dickstein 203-451-2888
Prints Wanted
Brant Point Sentinal Sam Andrews 508-261-1200
Note: This information was given to Holch by the sellers. It may be outdated unless the seller has contacted me. Eric.

Listings cost $55, send check and required info to Eric Holch.