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Eric Holch - Printmaker


Order a SampleEric Holch has been creating his original prints since 1976. A complete list of Holch large editions and current prices are listed here. Click onto any print with an underline to see the print information.

Need to see a sample first?

We are happy to send samples of actual prints to help you decide. We can also send several prints if you're not sure which one you like best. No problem! These are actual prints, but there is some minor defect so they are not saleable - but perfect for decision-making. The cost is just a $15 shipping/handling fee, which we will credit you when you place your print order. All we ask is that you return the samples!

Large Prints/View Information

Paper Size


Bay Window 28"x34" $600
Birds on a Wire 48"x13" $600
Brant Point Sentinel 33"x27" $2,600.*
Cliffside(A.P.'s only) 34"x28" $2500*
Day at the Beach 20"x36" $720
Edgartown(A.P.'s only) 34"x28" $2,000*
Flag Day 28"x36" $600
Flower Alley 30"x38" $750
Flower Baskets 34"x28" $3,000.*
Gone with the Wind 34"x28" $600
Graffiti 23"x45" Call for Price
Grand Afternoon (A.P.'s) 34"x28" $1,500
Greenhouse in Bloom 34"x28" $1,250.*
Harbor Point 30"x25" $1,250.*
Harbor Porch 32"x40" $810
High & Dry 30"x26" $1600.*
Mary's Place 34"x28" $600
Memory Lane (A.P.'s only) 30"x38" $1,650
Morning Breeze 34"x28" $600
Morning Glory Cafe 30"x38" $3,600.*
Nature Center Greenhouse 34"x28" $600
New Syrup Buckets 28"x34" $550
Old North Wharf (A.P.'s only) 15"x35" $660
Pond Road 34"x28" $600
Race Week 18"x36" $720
Rooftops 34"x28" $600
Southern Exposure 30"x25" $600
Spinnaker Run 15"x35"


Summer Canvas 30"x26" $1,800.*
Summer Porch 27"x33" $3,200.*
Summer Solstice 35"x29" $3,500.*
Sunset Sail 20"x36" $720
Upstairs/Downstairs 34"x28" $3,500.*
Wharves at Dawn 34"x28" $3,500.*
Windswept 26"x40" $750
* Denotes Secondary Market. Call for availablility.

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