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Order a SampleEric Holch has been creating his original prints since 1976. A complete list of Holch miniature editions and current prices are listed here. Click onto any print with an underline to see the print information.

Need to see a sample first?

We are happy to send samples of actual prints to help you decide. We can also send several prints if you're not sure which one you like best. No problem! These are actual prints, but there is some minor defect so they are not saleable - but perfect for decision-making. The cost is just a $12 shipping/handling fee, which we will credit you when you place your print order. All we ask is that you return the samples!

Miniature Prints/View Information

Paper Size


Abbot Hall 5"x3 1/2" $60
Beach 5"x3-1/2" Sold Out
Beach Cottage 10"x8" $90
Beach Day 5"x 3-1/2" $60
Beach Road 3-3/4"x3-1/2" $60
Beach Shadows 10"x8" $90
Beach Walk 5"x3-1/2" Sold Out
Brant Point 5"x3-1/2" $60
Catboat 5"x3-1/2" $60
Capt. Charlie's 5"x6" $60
Closehauled 10" x 8" $90
Cottage 5"x3-1/2" Sold Out
Club's Open 5" x 3.5" $60
Day Off 5"x9" $90
Dinghy Madness 10"x8" $90
Dunes 5"x 3-1/2" $60
Dune Deck 10"x8" $90
Fall 10"x8" Sold Out
Geraniums 10"x8" $90
Great Point 5"x3-1/2" $60
Great Point II 10"x8" $90
In the Shade 10" x 8" $90
Island Ferry 6.5"x5.5" $60
Jupiter 9"x6 1/2" $90
Lifeguard 5"x3-1/2" $60
Lobster Pots 10"x8" $90
Marblehead Light(A.P.'s only) 10"x8" $90
Marblehead 10"x8" $90
Nantucket 5"x6" Sold Out
Nautilus 10"x8" $90
Next Stop 5"x6" Sold Out!
Old North 5"x6" $60
Old North Church 6.5"x5.5" $60
Old Mill 5"x3-1/2" Sold Out
Old Town House (A.P.'s only) 10"x8" $90
Picket Roses 10"x8" $90
Racing 10"x8" $90
Rainbow Connection 5" x 6" $60
Rainbows 10"x8" $90
Red Door 10"x8" $90
Red Rocker  10"x8" $90
Redwind 9"x6 1/2" $90
Roses 5"x3-1/2" $60
Sailing 5"x3-1/2 Sold Out
Sailing Dory 10"x8" $90
Sandy Lane 5"x3-1/2 $60
Sankaty 5"x3-1/2" $60
Sankaty Head 10"x8" $90
Sconset Bluff 5"x3-1/2" Sold Out
September 12, 2001 10"x8" $90
Sequin 5"x3-1/2" $60
Spring 10"x8" $90
South Tower 6.5"x5.5" $60
Squantum 9"x6 1/2" $90
Stars 'n Stripes 9"x6 1/2" $90
Storm Shadows 5"x6" $60
Summer 10"x8" $90
Sun Worshiper 10"x8" $90
Surf & Turf   10"x8" $90
Surf's Up 5"x 6" Sold Out
Umbrella Shack 10"x8" $90
Water's Edge 10"x8" $90
Windward 5"x3-1/2" Sold Out
Winter 10"x8" $90
* Denotes Secondary Market. Call for availablility.

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