Posters Oversized

Holch has been working with interior decorators to come up with fun solutions for really large walls, found in so many new homes. With the help of his printer we now offer a series of Oversized Posters.

The framed size of Oversized Posters measures 4-1/2′ tall by 3-1/2′ wide. To give you an idea of just how large these posters are, we have placed a regular 24″x 18″ poster in front of the Oversized version in the photo on our What’s New page.

These posters are custom ordered, with or without NANTUCKET, printed with fade resistant inks on heavy cotton paper and require a few weeks to make. They are signed and titled in pencil, $1,250 each.

Shipping is $35, unframed in tube. (Framing with clear plexiglass is $650 for delivery on Nantucket). Call Eric directly to order: 508-228-7654

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